Zillable Pricing FAQ

Whether you’re just getting started with a collaboration app or ready to accelerate innovation, there’s a Zillable plan that’s right for you.  We believe Zillable is an investment in your people and culture.  That’s why we’ve designed our plans in a way that allows everyone to invest in an expanding platform, based on your needs; and more importantly, provide you and your team great returns.  Refer to our pricing page for all the plan details.  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Zillable’s pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can use any major credit card to pay for any plan.  For annual subscriptions over 100 members, we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check.  Please contact us to arrange an invoice purchase.

How do we use credits on “My Team” network?

Once your team signs up for a subscription plan, we’ll draw against your credit balance until it runs out.  Only then will we start charging your subscription to your credit card.  As long as you sign up for a subscription plan before the expiration date, those credits are yours to use until they’re all gone.

We need to add new users to our team.  How will that be billed?

We’ll make a one-time, prorated charge to your credit card to cover your new team member’s account for the remainder of the current billing period.  As an example, you add a new team member and there are 20 remaining days in the month on your Collaboration Plan.  Then the per-day cost for each user is $12 /30.  We will make a one-time charge of ($12 / 30 days * 20 days = $8) to your team’s credit card.

How do we cancel or downgrade a plan?

There are two options when downgrading from a paid plan to the Basic (Free) Plan.  

  1. You can downgrade to the Basic plan immediately.   If there is more than one day until your renewal date, we will prorate the remaining balance on your account and hold it for your team as a credit.  You can use that credit towards a reactivation of your paid subscription in the future.
  2. We can automatically downgrade you to the Basic plan at your next renewal date.  Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for.

Please note, we do not offer refunds.

Who can subscribe, upgrade or change plans?

Only Network Owners can change, upgrade, or downgrade a plan.

Do you offer academic or non-profit pricing?

We’re happy to work with student and non-profit groups using Zillable.  Contact us.

How secure is Zillable?

Protecting the data you trust to Zillable is priority one.  Learn more about our Security Practice.

Is there an on-premise version of Zillable?

We are passionate about the web.  Currently, we don’t plan to offer an internally hosted version of Zillable.  We hope you trust us to provide a robust and secure service so you can make work and innovation happen, anytime and anywhere.

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Zillable is an AI-assisted suite of native collaboration tools to deliver full-circle business process automation. With Zillable, teams of all sizes can instantly coordinate teamwork and automate processes with easy, drag-and-drop Readymade and customizable workflows, boosting efficiency and productivity. Sign up for free at https://www.zillable.com
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