Zillable introduces templates for online document collaboration

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, January 16, 2017Zillable today announced the release of a new feature: document templates for zDoc, the platform’s online document collaboration tool. A handful of pre-built templates are now available to demonstrate the feature, but users can also create personal or team templates. 
Zillable brings all your work together in one place. With document collaboration, we let you focus on what matters most – your work and communicating well with your team. zDoc templates make work and knowledge-sharing easier than ever.
With zDoc templates, the user will never again need to go searching for an old document – whether it’s an invoice, presentation, press release, contract, anything – to model a new one after. No more clumsy copying of word documents or accidentally saving over the “template” version. zDoc templates, pre-loaded or user created, featuring removable instructions, can be easily made available to everyone on any team big or small – or only to the people who need it. 
“A typical workday involves myriad disconnected apps where we do fragments of our work,” said Andy Pham, founder and CEO of Zillable. “Zillable brings all your work together in one place. With document collaboration, we let you focus on what matters most – your work and communicating well with your team. zDoc templates make work and knowledge-sharing easier than ever.”
Knowledge sharing can facilitate decision-making, increase productivity, and stimulate innovation. Knowledge-sharing via zDoc templates will accelerate growth and innovation by:
  • Making best problem-solving experiences reusable
  • Reducing cost and loss of know-how
  • Enabling better and faster decision making
Zillable document collaboration makes creating, maintaining, and sharing all kinds of documents easier. Finally, teams can escape from email-based workflows and collaborate dynamically, in real-time. Multiple team members can be in a document simultaneously, working at the same time. Each person is represented by a cursor, and their avatar is placed next to everything they create. Version history is available, no need to save multiple copies. Plus, zDoc integrates seamlessly with Zillable’s other collaboration tools, like instant messaging, Kanban-style boards, note-taking and task setting features, and much more – making Zillable a true all-in-one hub for work, communication, and innovation.
Click here to see the release notes.
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