What’s New in Zillable?

Release Notes for November 15th

We’ve added new tools to Collaborative Doc and Flexible Board to accelerate team communication and workplace automation.

Collaborative Doc – Two New Updates to make your Docs more Descriptive

Go beyond words when co-authoring a document with some of Zillable’s recent additions to Collaborative Doc.

Diagram: Create and add simple vector graphics, flowcharts, and mockups directly to the Doc with our new Diagram tool.

  • To insert a Diagram into your Doc, click on the plus icon in Doc and navigate to “Diagram” in the menu.

  •  Drag-and-drop shapes, lines, and more directly into the canvas.

  • Click “Save”. Your drawing will be saved and automatically inserted into your Doc.

Embed: Add third-party content, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Youtube and Vimeo links, and more to embed content and media directly in your Doc and connect everything with our new Embed tool.

  • To use Embed, click on the plusicon in Doc and navigate to “Embed” in the menu.

  • Copy and paste your link and click “embed”.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can keep your teams updated without asking them to log into third-party sites and distracting them from their work.

Flexible Board – A new Board Card to Elevate Team Collaboration

Board Free Card: Give your teams more freedom with Free Cards. Because Free Cards have no owner, anyone can add to the Card to work through and brainstorm objectives together.

  • To use Free Card, click on the plus-card link at the bottom of any List on your Board and click “Add Free Card”. Any content or note added to your Free Card will not be saved to your Notebook. If your Board is archived, the Free Card disappears, making these babies perfect for one-time projects.




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