Today’s release is about empowering your network to dominate document deliveries with zDoc templates.  zDoc templates, pre-loaded or user-created, featuring removable instructions, can be easily made available to everyone on any team big or small – or only to the people who need it.  Here’s the skinny.

What is a zDoc template?

zDoc templates allow you reuse the same structure and styles in numerous documents.  Each template, though varying in format and style, is essentially a pre-constructed document in which users can input their own information instead of having to repeatedly design the page themselves.  With templates, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to create a plethora of documents and improve the overall quality and output of your network’s documentation process.

There are two ways to create a zDoc template:

  • You can create a new zDoc, insert the contents as necessary, then set the zDoc as a template.
  • You can open an existing zDoc, modify it as needed, and then set the zDoc as a template.

What are the benefits of using zDoc templates?

  • Helps ensure that the same critical points are addressed each time a zDoc involves a particular topic.  This gives the network a consistent approach to delivering documentation.
  • Saves time going over the same set of common key points.  Network members instead focus solely on entering the information using the guidelines set by the templates.
  • Networks can create documentation faster because they don’t have to spend time identifying and organizing common subject guidelines.

How are zDoc templates created?

The first step is to focus on an area of documentation that is usually required in many of your projects – it may be training, communication to clients or network members, project management, etc. Gather topic experts within your network to create a generic template that can be re-used over and over again.  If you have a previously created zDoc that covers an area of focus, use that as a valuable resource for a new template.

Creating a Template from an existing zDoc

  1. Open a zDoc that you have previously created or are listed as a collaborator
  2. Insert content as necessary
  3. Set as template

Creating a template from scratch

  1. Start a new zDoc
  2. Modify as needed
  3. Set as template.

Set as Template

All templates are private and saved to your Notebook.  To make changes to the template, head over to Notebook.


Additional options in Notebook allow you to Edit, Rename, Delete, and probably most importantly, submit the template for use throughout your private network.

Submit to Network

Submit to Network informs a network administrator of your petition for review and release of the template, for use, to the entire network.   Once a template has been set, you will have the option to choose that as a starting point when creating a new zDoc.


We’ve done some the legwork for you and have made some templates available for your use.  Have a template you want to share with all of our private networks?  Send it to

Additional Updates

Temporary Text – You can now choose to format text as temporary within a zDoc.  Temporary text allows you to call out text within a zDoc which can quickly be removed with a click of a button.  Temporary text options are available through more options (…).

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