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Zillable is setting the groundwork for you and your team to connect to apps and services that you use every day.  The path forward started with Cloud Storage Integrations and now extends to video chat.  This is just the beginning of the numerous integrations that will follow and allow you and your team to get together, to act on and work through challenges and create new innovations.  Here’s what’s in this update.

Video Chat

You will now notice a new “Integration” icon on your menu bar.


Clicking on the Integrations button allow you to quickly see which integrations are on for your network and which ones you have active.    You can choose to enable or disable any of the integrations currently available.  Newest to the integration family on Zillable are Appear.in and Join.me.  Both apps allow your teams to work collaboratively through video, voice, and text chat.

Giphy Modal to Channel

Channel messaging has now been enhanced with Giphy – a great resource to add GIFs and Animated Stickers to your Channel.


By click on the “GIF” icon, you can open the Giphy dialog.  Start by typing a keyword to browse through the library of GIFs and animated stickers.  Clicking on the desired image will add it to your Channel.  Have fun with it!

Idea Manager

A new manager role has been added – Idea Manager.  Idea Managers have view and edit permissions for both network-wide and private Ideas.  Assign the Idea Manager role to one or more members of your network to help you manage your Ideas.  For example, Idea Review Committee members can be assigned Idea Manager role, enabling permission to access, edit, and share the network-wide and private ideas.  You can learn more about the Idea Manager here.

Network Administrators can enable and set Idea Managers from Manage my Network > Network Settings.

Idea Manager

Additional Updates

  • Board Export
    You can now export your Board as a spreadsheet (*.xls).  Board export is located under Board options.
    Board Export
  • Ideas can now be converted to private Notes.
    Idea to Note
  • Content metadata now contain icons to help differentiate between private and network-wide Spaces.
    Space Metadata
  • Network Administrators now have additional options on rating systems for Ideas.
    Idea Rating
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