Content Privacy on Boards

Previously, access to content that you published on your network is determined by the Spaces that you publish the content to.  If no Spaces are selected, then the content remains private to you.  This concept was carried over with the introduction of Boards.  Some networks have expressed frustration with content posted to a private Space but later added to a Board -private or network-wide.  Since the access level was controlled by the Space, users of the Board could not see the content unless they were also members of that private Space or the content was shared to a network-wide Space.

In order to allow better access to content, Zillable has made the following privacy change – Content access levels are determined by the Spaces that it’s published to AND the Boards it’s are listed on.

  1. I post an idea in PRIVATE SPACE 1
  2. I am a member of a BOARD in ANOTHER SPACE (network or private)
  3. I list the Private Idea on BOARD
  4. Members of the BOARD can see my IDEA even though it was posted in a PRIVATE SPACE


Inbox is is not divided into two main areas – Messages and Notifications.

  • Messages – zmail is now replaced with Direct Messages.  Users can use the new interface to chat directly with one or more members of their own network.  Messages can be accessed through the Inbox or directly through the Direct Message floater.
  • Notifications – Notifications is now sub-divided into to main areas- Action Messages which are alerts that require some action from the user, and Notifications – general alerts of mentions, deadlines, and social interactions.


A new Landing Page, Why Us, Document Collaboration, Process Automation, and About Pages have been added.

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