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Workflow processes frequently change.  Implementing an internal dynamically driven workflow is challenging.  Often times members on your network will create a workflow that is only meaningful to the members of that Board, but the results or end product of that flow, or it’s intermediate steps may be useful to your managers, administrators or team leads.   Zillable introduces Mirror Bot – an automate Board function that helps mirror activities on a List to provide a window perspective on a stage of flow.  Using Mirror Bot, anyone can see all the contents of a List on a remote Board without having to directly visit a Board.

Use Mirror Bot to:

  • keep tabs of the activities of multiple Lists from multiple Boards
  • ensure that crucial steps in workflows are moving smoothly
  • identify key blockers in a workflow
  • manage resources to help maximize output

Initiate Mirror Bot through Board options:

mirror bot

Mirror Bot comes in two varieties – Basic and Advanced with Advanced offering more parameter options.

Mirror Bot 2

Learn more about Mirror Bot by visiting support – Mirror Bot.

Additional Updates

– zDoc

  • Images can now be resized and aligned within a zDoc
  • Mentions (@), References (!), and Hashtags (#) can now be used with an annotation
  • overall handling and performance enhancements

– Update to new user email series.

– Collaborator option is now back for Ideas and Publications

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