At Zillable, team work is our focus.  Our goal is to provide your teams with all the right tools to collaborate better, faster, and in more meaningful ways.  We work hard to increase your bottom line by helping you produce great deliverables.   These deliverables start with an idea and, through discussion and feedback, your ideas go from inception to product in no time at all.  Zillable now adds onto our catalog of features with the introduction of zDoc.  Work together through challenges with real-time living documents.  Here are some highlights of zDoc!


Create and Go!

The next big innovation starts with you!  Start drafting and sharing real work ideas, tasks, checklists, files, or create a new challenge in real-time right along your chat.  Collaborate and build on your ideas with your selected teammates in the same window at the same time.
zSoc Sample


Highlight important content and add notes and comments to further the discussion or as a means to hash out or question any particular section.
zDoc Annotations

Show Contribution

Clearly see how other collaborators are contributing to the production of the zDoc through intuitive visual assignments of each member’s work.

Access control

zDoc start as a private document.  You control who has access by inviting collaborators.  When ready, and if so desired, you can share your zDoc to a private Space to keep the document private or to a network-wide Space to show your team’s hard work to the rest of your network.
zDoc Share

Content Management

Add Tasks and checklists to track work assignments and to-dos.  This can help ensure that the right people are focused on producing the right content while pushing towards a deadline.
zDoc Checklist


Insert Polls to decide on a question or the direction of your content.  Polls within a a zDoc are only available to it’s members.
zSoc Add Polls


Upload important files directly into your zDoc to be collected and shared.  This will help ensure that all important files are easily accessible and discoverable.
zSoc Add Files

Change Log

Change log records all actions to your zDoc from contributing members.  You can review and restore any previous state of your zDoc.
zDoc Change Log


Share your zDoc to members outside your private network by downloading it as a *.pdf or *.docx
zDoc Download


Additional Changes


  • You can now enable desktop notifications.  You can adjust desktop notification settings in Account Settings > Preferences.
    Desktop Notification
  • Quick Links has been updated (again).   Open and close Quick Links by pressing on the moving dots of the upper left corner of your Network.
    Quick Links New
  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.
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