What’s up with society’s obsession with the superhero genre?

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, pop culture is bombarding you with superheroes. Superhero movies are dominating the box office every other weekend, shows about them are taking over cable and network TV, and it’s no accident. People are passionate about superhero stories! This, despite the fantastical storylines and out-of-this-world character traits. Why is it that regular people find these godlike characters so relatable?

Well, maybe we’re so collectively obsessed with superheroes because we see ourselves in them.

Like superheroes, each of us endures struggles that challenge our conscience, code of ethics, and willpower. It’s easy to feel that the odds are stacked against you in a world where genuine success is difficult to attain. Like the protagonists in these movies, we have to dig down deep inside ourselves to muster up that one thing, one ability, we need most to tackle our problems – whether it’s resilience, bravery, kindness, creativity. In that way, superheroes are just like us.

So, how does this apply to your company?

Find complementary strengths
Create powerful duos by pairing up people with complementary superpowers — for instance, someone who’s strong in systems thinking with someone who’s strong in experimentation. Working with someone whose superpower complements your own help fill in any gaps or weaknesses in how you might approach the work alone.

Finding complements will also reveal which superpowers don’t mix so well. A peacemaker and a provocateur, for example, may not see eye to eye. Plan for potential conflicts by understanding where people’s strengths might work at cross purposes.

Aspire for equality
A team is usually more effective when there’s both a diversity and a balance of superpowers. Examples include decisiveness, vision, pattern mapping, negotiation, energy, and many others.

But, as we mentioned above, keep in mind that someone who’s a natural peacemaker might not appreciate that provocation is just as vital for the work, and vice versa. The provocateur can’t help playing devil’s advocate and challenging the consensus while peacemaker is focused on commonalities and getting all on the same page. Without empathy among teammates, this can lead to tension instead of appreciation.

Change superpowers for a day
One exercise that can help build empathy and stretch individual comfort zones is to adopt someone else’s superpower for a day. It takes an effort to force a certain mode of thought or behavior, especially if it goes against the grain — the result being that you better appreciate what comes naturally to you and gain respect for the strengths that others bring to the table. Afterward, debrief: Share your experience with the person who has that superpower on your team.

Keeping alliance strengths in consideration
Visually presenting information helps keep ideas tangible and present. Try making a map or chart of the various superpowers on your team. This can serve as a layer of project planning: First map out the superpowers. Then, when you’re figuring out responsibilities, you can divvy up tasks based on individual talents — or create partnerships and small groups that become stronger with their superpowers combined.

Setting Your Company Apart Through Innovation

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, it can be difficult – for a big market and small players alike – to set yourself apart from the herd. Fierce competitors need that one special aspect to their business that lets them rise above the rest; they need that unique thing that defines their appeal to the masses. They need a superpower they can rely on to help them change the game.

For Zillable, innovation is our superpower. And with Zillable, it can be yours too.

At the end of the day, the world’s best ideas should triumph over the worst ones. However, it takes a great innovator to maximize the potential of a good idea. Leading innovators need to collaborate, to foster an environment that is conducive to real innovation. Often, companies and entrepreneurs can get a little too comfortable in what they’re doing. This is troublesome because, in today’s fast-paced market, no one is resting. No one is taking a break. Or they certainly shouldn’t be!


Innovation As Part Of Your Company’s Culture

Ingrained in an individual’s or a company’s culture is a genuine innovation.

A common mistake that modern entrepreneurs make is thinking that innovation is some kind of band-aid solution to all their problems that can be stuck on at a moment’s notice. They think that innovation is something they can just turn on like a switch whenever they feel like they need it and forget about it the rest of the time. That’s not really the case. Innovation needs to be nurtured and cultivated.

Superheroes don’t just choose to switch their heroism or superpowers on and off. Those aspects of their being are perpetually a part of their system. Similarly, for leading innovative companies, innovation is an inherent aspect of the entire being. It’s not something that can be disconnected or turned off. It’s always working, always brewing, just waiting for the right time for it to be called upon. With an “always-on” collaboration platform like Zillable, your company can foster an innovative, ideas-rich environment too.


How Do You Integrate Innovation Effectively?

How do companies and entrepreneurs go about actually integrating a culture of innovation into their workspaces? It comes fairly easily with the help of game-changing apps like Zillable. This groundbreaking app serves as a hotbed for great ideas and enriching discussions. From the early processes of brainstorming and mind mapping to the end processes of execution and maintenance, collaborators can oversee all aspects of a project, staying in clear and easy communication. And isn’t seamless collaboration and communication key?

Superman is stronger because of the teamwork of the Justice League. Captain America wouldn’t be so great without the Avengers. Having individual superpowers may be great, but having a team that can merge their super skills and focuses them all on a centralized effort or workspace – well, that makes you unstoppable.

There is no virtual workspace that offers seamless collaboration and communication platforms for thought leaders and innovators like Zillable. World’s greatest innovators are given the intellectual space to navigate and communicate their ideas with absolute ease with Zillable. It’s more than just a tool for innovation. It’s a systematic method of furthering innovative efforts without unnecessary complications – or evil villains – getting in the way.



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