Zillable today announced the release of zDoc, an online document collaboration tool in the vein of Google Docs, into the forefront of the Zillable platform. Zillable aims to disrupt the enterprise collaboration and communication space, competing with darlings like Slack and Trello and now taking on even Google, Dropbox and Salesforce in document collaboration.

Zillable (PRNewsfoto/Zillable)

Said founder and CEO Andy Pham, “Did you know that stale word processing is a septuagenarian? Word processing started in the 1950s! So, we decided to innovate here,” he continued, “and created a new way for people to work together dynamically with the release of zDoc.”

Zillable looks to bring new life to the word processing sphere with real-time, simultaneous document collaboration. zDoc unites teamwork and communication. With Zillable’s zDoc, users can:

  • Work Together. Zillable offers real-time online document collaboration and co-authoring so teams can contribute to and edit documents simultaneously.
  • Work Dynamically. Add tables, tasks, polls, checklists, images and more to documents, telling the whole story in one place. Zillable further included features that allow users to easily reference other network content for context or mention teammates within the document.
  • Work Conversationally. Every document has chat and annotation built in, so conversations, decisions, and feedback stay where they belong instead of getting lost in emails.

Zillable’s zDoc completes the productivity trinity of a collaboration platform:

  • Build Spaces to come together to chat and organize content.
  • Create Boards to manage efficiently and simply.
  • Start a zDoc to dynamically work together.

And, according to Pham, these features are just the tip of the iceberg. “With zDoc, we are enabling knowledge workers and creating learning workers.  Everyone can make work and innovation happen in one place, together.”

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