Struggling to remember where you posted that last Idea?  Want to keep tabs on the content and people that you follow or the files and updates that you post?  Zillable has upgraded your Notebook to provide a lot of functionality within a fun, intuitive, and minimalist interface designed to increase productivity.  Let’s have a look see.

Have it your way – Content

With a new simplified menu, we’re putting the freedom of content organization back in your hands.  Content now consists of Books, Bookmarks, and Content (Ideas, Publications, zDocs, Polls) etc.  The right combination of the three is up to you.

  • Books are folders to help categorize the content within your Notebook.
  • Bookmarks allow you to add – posts, files, updates, notes and tasks to your Books
  • Content contains all your zDocs, Ideas, Publications, Inventions, Challenges, Solutions, Polls and Drafts.


Keeps tabs on your digital footprint – Activity

Your Activity tab helps keep track of your activity on your network and activities of the content that you are following.

  • Activity – tracks all your updates – including social interactions, mentions of you and content that you’ve recently viewed
  • Updates – tracks your posts from you and members of your network that you are following
  • Following – track content (zDoc, Spaces, Boards, Ideas, Polls, Publications) and people that you are following


In addition, you can quickly browse through your Notes, Tasks, Files, Boards, Spaces, Contacts, and Templates.

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