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Zillable introduces Multi-Network Spaces to its feature list.  A Multi-Network Space is a Space that serves as a bridge between Networks where users belong to and interact from different private networks on a shared Channel.   Multi-network spaces work just like any other Space in Zillable, giving teams a place to chat with feature-rich Channels, manage projects with lean Kanban-style boards, share and collaborate in real time on documents, and much more.   

Here’s how it works:

  • A Network Administrator from any private network creates a Space or designates an existing Space as a Multi-Network Space.
  • Additional private networks are invited via their URL.
  • Private networks joining the original Multi-Network Space will be asked to assign Space Managers from their end to manage the content and members of the Mutli-Network Space.
  • Any content posted to or shared with the Multi-Network Space becomes available to ALL members of the Space regardless of the network to which they belong.
  • Multi-Network Spaces can be network-wide (discoverable by anyone within your private network) or private (members are by invite only).

For more information about Multi-Network Space, please visit our support – Multi-Network Space.

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