MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zillable today announced the release of a new feature that’s set to give the work email a run for its money. The all-in-one collaboration platform has added multi-network workspaces to connect separate organizations, creating a common space where two or more companies can communicate and make full use of the native collaboration and innovation features on Zillable. A powerful, customizable enterprise collaboration platform, Zillable is making it easy to communicate, work together, and share documents between companies and teams of any size safely and securely – and without the endless email chains.

Zillable’s multi-network spaces bring partners, vendors, and customers into collaborative multi-company spaces.

Multi-network workspaces act like inter-company collaboration bridges, connecting one network’s workspaces with another’s. This creates a secure place to communicate and collaborate with external customers, vendors, and partners, without having to switch network and enabling collaboration with groups of people.

“We know your company’s work doesn’t stop at its walls,” says Andy Pham, founder and CEO of Zillable. “But outside of bringing in individual guests, today’s chat apps so far have only been available when working with teams inside your company. Zillable’s multi-network spaces bring external partners, vendors, and customers into one collaborative multi-company space, where productivity and innovation tools are at the fingertips of all participants.”

How it works

Multi-network spaces work just like any other space in Zillable, giving teams a place and the tools to chat, manage projects with Kanban-style boards, share and collaborate on documents, and much more. The new multi-network spaces can be network-wide or private, and space members from both sides will be able to make use of Zillable’s features and even use voice and video calling. The multi-network space is an upgrade to Zillable’s existing open space feature, removing the need to log into multiple networks or use guest or restrictive accounts. It even allows more than two companies to be connected in a multi-network space.

“It’s like having as many companies as you want working together on Slack, Trello, and Google Docs,” adds Son Le, Zillable’s director of R&D. “This eliminates unproductive emails, duplicative information, and switching between apps, all the while accelerating co-creation and open innovation with multiple partners, vendors, and customers.”

Why it matters:

  • Today, boundary lines demarcating suppliers, partners, customers and employees have almost disappeared. Partners and customers are demanding a bigger role in the value creation process.
  • While typical collaboration software, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Atlassian Hipchat and Salesforce Chatter, focus on chat inside your company, Zillable’s multi-network spaces engage groups of internal and external stakeholders with a suite of productivity and innovation tools.
  • Benefits to improved communication and wider collaboration include more meaningful insights, improved innovation, more customer-centric products and services, customer and employee loyalty, cost reduction, and the mitigation of risks.
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