Feature Release: Direct Messages

Direct messages (DMs) are private conversations similar to a Space's Channel specifically designed for quick exchanges between members within your network. With Direct Messages you can open a private conversation between: any Guest, Restricted, or Full Network Member personal or network defined groups on-the-fly created groups What's allowed in Direct Messages: use of @Mentions add References [...]

The End of the Work Email? Zillable Makes Inter-Company Collaboration Easy with Multi-Network Workspaces

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zillable today announced the release of a new feature that’s set to give the work email a run for its money. The all-in-one collaboration platform has added multi-network workspaces to connect separate organizations, creating a common space where two or more companies can communicate and make full use of the native collaboration and [...]

Zillable Airing on AMC’s Newswatch

Zillable just went live on AMC's Newswatch!  Check out the video. https://vimeo.com/245402493 Click here to see the full article.

Feature Release – Multi-Network Space

Zillable introduces Multi-Network Spaces to its feature list.  A Multi-Network Space is a Space that serves as a bridge between Networks where users belong to and interact from different private networks on a shared Channel.   Multi-network spaces work just like any other Space in Zillable, giving teams a place to chat with feature-rich Channels, manage [...]

Bots to the Rescue! Zillable Adds Smart Bots So Teams Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

Groundbreaking collaboration platform Zillable announced today the release of new smart bots, created for connecting processes and workflows. These smart bots are deployed in Zillable Boards - a project management tool that enables teams of all types and sizes to apply lean management principles to their work. Using lists and cards, users understand what’s being [...]

Market Disruptor Zillable Introduces Online Collaboration Tool zDoc

Zillable today announced the release of zDoc, an online document collaboration tool in the vein of Google Docs, into the forefront of the Zillable platform. Zillable aims to disrupt the enterprise collaboration and communication space, competing with darlings like Slack and Trello and now taking on even Google, Dropbox and Salesforce in document collaboration. Said founder [...]

Release Notes 10/24/2016 Accelerate Collaboration

This release is all about helping network users accelerate discovery and innovation through collaboration.  Spend less time fumbling around for the content, Spaces, and people that you interact with.  Zillable helps you remember everything.   What's New   Remembering your interactions. New "Sort by" option has been added to all modules that include +References, +Space, [...]

The Horse Harness, and the Harnessing of Ideas

Human civilization is predicated on ideas. Some ideas are so ancient, so fundamentally obvious to us now, that we take them for granted. For instance, it’s hard to imagine a time when there wasn’t a wheel,  or a time when there wasn’t agriculture. But these basic concepts and other more sophisticated innovations all had to [...]

Zillable on iPhone and iPad

Begin your day with a coffee and Zillable From your kitchen to the checkout line, start your day with Zillable at your finger tips.  Zillable on iOS ensures that you can stay connected with your network while on the go through your iPhone or iPad. Stay connected. Scroll through your Newsfeed to see what's happening [...]

Release Notes 10/03/2016 Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration This release include features to help networks meet the challenges of creating and fostering an environment of shared purpose and direction that is attentive, responsive, and adaptive to the goals of the network.  Effective collaboration means giving networks the right tools to grow faster, for members to search and interact with content better, [...]

Zillable Introduces Challenges to Increase Employee Engagement

Challenges enables organizations to motivate and inspire employees to innovate for business success in a secured collaboration network. LOS ANGELES, CA – Zillable™ announced today that it has added Challenges to help private networks engage and motivate employees to innovate.  Challenges, a smart alternative to costly perks, is a crowdsourcing tool for anyone, from the [...]

Zillable Brings the Collaborative Economy inside Businesses with its Innovation-on-Demand Platform

Zillable provides organizations with a secured network to connect and engage employees, customers, and partners, developing a collaborative ecosystem that transcends social network boundaries. LOS ANGELES, CA – Zillable™ announced today that its secured private collaboration network platform is now available to organizations and teams at Zillable.com. This release follows in the heels of Zillable’s [...]

Connect with Smart People through Zillable – the World’s First Innovative Social and Collaboration Network

Zillable.com provides individuals and teams with a truly intelligent collaboration network for innovation-on-demand. LOS ANGELES, CA.- October, 20, 2015 – Zillable™ announced today the launch of the world’s first innovative social and collaboration network – Zillable.com.  Zillable provides a collaborative ecosystem where people can connect with like-minded individuals to collaborate and innovate. “With the Zillable [...]

Zillable Announces Early Access Release To The Innovation Community

ZILLABLE™ ANNOUNCES EARLY ACCESS RELEASE TO THE INNOVATION COMMUNITY The world’s first intelligent social and collaboration platform opens its doors to the public for exclusive sneak peeks two weeks prior to its official launch  LOS ANGELES, CA – October 2, 2015 – Zillable™ announced today that its innovation-on-demand and collaboration platform is now available for [...]

Don’t Wait to Ideate!

Imagine a place where you can connect and share ideas with innovators all while building your professional network and portfolio. Too good to be true? Not necessarily! Introducing the world’s first intelligent social network where you can have it all. From customizing your own profile to highlighting your innovative and creative skills, collaborating with like-minded [...]

Preparing for Launch

Dear Zillable Fans, Thank you for pioneering Zillable and for being such loyal users for the past few months. We are excited with our launch and it’s all thanks to you for helping us continue to improve and enhance our user experience and services. In view of our launch this month, Zillable servers will undergo [...]

Inspiring Innovation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygcVXn25Cj0 I am a writer. As such, I get inspiration from just about anywhere — the view from my office window, my children playing, a song on the radio, a quote from a movie, or somewhere else. When I get inspired, I grab the nearest writing implement and piece of paper or quickly jump [...]

Launch of Zillable- October 15, 2015

  Finally after months of teasing the launch of Zillable.com, the date is here! On October 15, 2015, build your professional profile and share your creative ideas anytime, anywhere. With the release of the new and improved website, Zillable now allows people worldwide to sign up with their emails in order to receive previews, updates, and [...]