Release Notes 3/05/2018 – Private Content Overhall

Content Privacy on Boards Previously, access to content that you published on your network is determined by the Spaces that you publish the content to.  If no Spaces are selected, then the content remains private to you.  This concept was carried over with the introduction of Boards.  Some networks have expressed frustration with content posted to [...]

Feature Release: Direct Messages

Direct messages (DMs) are private conversations similar to a Space's Channel specifically designed for quick exchanges between members within your network. With Direct Messages you can open a private conversation between: any Guest, Restricted, or Full Network Member personal or network defined groups on-the-fly created groups What's allowed in Direct Messages: use of @Mentions add References [...]

Feature Upgrade – Notebook

Struggling to remember where you posted that last Idea?  Want to keep tabs on the content and people that you follow or the files and updates that you post?  Zillable has upgraded your Notebook to provide a lot of functionality within a fun, intuitive, and minimalist interface designed to increase productivity.  Let's have a look see. Have [...]

Zillable Airing on AMC’s Newswatch

Zillable just went live on AMC's Newswatch!  Check out the video. https://vimeo.com/245402493 Click here to see the full article.

Feature Release – Multi-Network Space

Zillable introduces Multi-Network Spaces to its feature list.  A Multi-Network Space is a Space that serves as a bridge between Networks where users belong to and interact from different private networks on a shared Channel.   Multi-network spaces work just like any other Space in Zillable, giving teams a place to chat with feature-rich Channels, manage [...]

Release Notes 11/14/2017 Providing a Window Into Your Workflow

  Workflow processes frequently change.  Implementing an internal dynamically driven workflow is challenging.  Often times members on your network will create a workflow that is only meaningful to the members of that Board, but the results or end product of that flow, or it's intermediate steps may be useful to your managers, administrators or team leads.  [...]

Release Notes 12/19/2016 Building an Army of Innovators

A truly successful network needs an army of Innovators.  Although innovation is always the goal, teaching network members to become innovators is key.  The idea is to get network members comfortable with failing fast and weeding out tons of bad Ideas to work the right ones - the ones that will lead to the next [...]

iOS Mobile Update 12/06/2016

This latest Zillable Mobile release for iOS is all about streamlining our iOS Mobile and web app.  You can expect to see a more fluid continuity when shifting your work from one platform to the other.   It's easier than ever to carry your entire network with you and work from anywhere.   Here's what's new Notebook [...]

Release Notes 12/06/2016 Express Your Individuality

Profile UI Upgrade You've got great ideas AND mad skills and we can help you prove it.  Your profile on your private network has gotten a generous upgrade.  Information about you and your contributions to your network is easier to find, sort through, and interact with.  Show them what you've got! Here's the skinny: Your [...]

Release Notes 11/21/2016 Bigger, Bolder

Showing your support for content, either through social actions or by providing feedback is an important interaction that can really set the pace of the next big innovation.  We've now made all interactions bigger and bolder.   This change is now inherent throughout our entire platform. Channel Enhancements: Space Channels has been swept, cleaned and [...]

Release Notes 10/24/2016 Accelerate Collaboration

This release is all about helping network users accelerate discovery and innovation through collaboration.  Spend less time fumbling around for the content, Spaces, and people that you interact with.  Zillable helps you remember everything.   What's New   Remembering your interactions. New "Sort by" option has been added to all modules that include +References, +Space, [...]

Zillable on iPhone and iPad

Begin your day with a coffee and Zillable From your kitchen to the checkout line, start your day with Zillable at your finger tips.  Zillable on iOS ensures that you can stay connected with your network while on the go through your iPhone or iPad. Stay connected. Scroll through your Newsfeed to see what's happening [...]

Release Notes 10/11/2016 – Space – Explore the Possibilities

On Zillable, all content - Ideas, Publications, Polls, Challenges etc. - must belong to at least one Space.  Spaces are the backbone of your Network.  They provide you with the foundation and structure upon which your Network is built.  Spaces are the areas where people can creatively and dynamically connect, innovate, imagine and collaborate to [...]

Release Notes 10/03/2016 Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration This release include features to help networks meet the challenges of creating and fostering an environment of shared purpose and direction that is attentive, responsive, and adaptive to the goals of the network.  Effective collaboration means giving networks the right tools to grow faster, for members to search and interact with content better, [...]

Release Notes – November 16, 2015 – Challenges

Zillable officially released Challenges, a cost-free and perk-free way of increasing employee engagement and motivating employees to innovate for business success. Challenges, which is essentially a solutions crowdsourcing tool, is the latest addition of innovation tools that Zillable has developed to help businesses engage, motivate, and inspire employees to solve problems and propose viable solutions [...]

Release Notes – November 3, 2015 – Zillable Official Launch (Private Collaboration Network for Business)

With public networks underway, Zillable has officially announced its Release 2 (R2)- Secured Private Collaboration Networks. With its secured network, Zillable now provides organizations a means of connecting and engaging employees, clients, and partners with one collaborative ecosystem that transcends social network boundaries. Zillable has developed and designed an “open source” collaboration network equipped with [...]

Release Notes – October 20, 2015 – Zillable Official Launch (Public)

On October 2, 2015, Zillable launched Release 1 (R1) of its two-part launch phase of the world’s first intelligent social and collaboration network for smart people. Today, Zillable is proud to present its innovation-on-demand platform, available to all public users, to start collaborating and innovating. This completes Part 2 of Release 1 (R1) of our [...]

Release Notes – October 2, 2015 – Zillable Launch Release 1

Zillable has currently deployed Release 1 (R1), the first of a two-part launch phase in October 2015. With this launch brings new and exciting features and tools that were not available in beta. You can also expect new, premium tools, as well as private collaboration networks, on October 15th when we release Part 2 of [...]