Groundbreaking collaboration platform Zillable announced today the release of new smart bots, created for connecting processes and workflows. These smart bots are deployed in Zillable Boards – a project management tool that enables teams of all types and sizes to apply lean management principles to their work. Using lists and cards, users understand what’s being worked on by who and where it is in queue in one glance.

“When your whole team can see a clear illustration of their entire workflow, not just lists and cards but interconnecting boards, it becomes easy to recognize what you could be doing better,” says founder and CEO Andy Pham. “Whatever workflow methodology your teams are using – Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, or anything in between – we help you automate, improve, and deliver faster.”

With smart bots, the patent-pending Zillable Boards tool expands beyond typical project management tools like Trello. Zillable’s configurable bots crawl for content, automatically list cards, and link boards to create complete workflows, freeing time and resources so teams can focus on what matters most.

 Zillable offers three smart bots that can be configured to create simple to complex workflows:

·      Listbot – Automatically fetch and list cards.

·      Linkbot – Connect lists within and between boards.

·      Mirrorbot – Create a window into any board, enabling real-time dashboard for any workflow.

The world’s biggest collaboration suite, the Zillable platform includes chat, project management, document collaboration, and a plethora of productivity and innovation tools in one place, one ecosystem. Users never have to switch apps, enhancing security and saving time and money.

This all-in-one collaboration ecosystem innovates over popular tools like Slack, Facebook Workplace, and Microsoft Teams, which all rely on third party apps for features that Zillable made native to its collaboration ecosystem.


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Zillable is an AI-assisted suite of native collaboration tools to deliver full-circle business process automation. With Zillable, teams of all sizes can instantly coordinate teamwork and automate processes with easy, drag-and-drop Readymade and customizable workflows, boosting efficiency and productivity. Sign up for free at
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