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Truly Open Innovation

What is innovation and how do people go about innovating? Well, I think the first part is easy to answer. According to Webster’s, innovation is “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” In other words, innovation is coming up with an original idea or concept or a twist on an existing [...]

Getting Started

Creating, innovating and collaborating has never been easier. Simply sign up at Zillable.com. Enter your email and a password, and you are ready to begin. Once you create your account, our on-screen guides will walk you through the process. Choose Your Account Zillable offers two account levels to best suit your needs. If you are [...]


The NoteBook allows you to share notes and ideas with members of your Network. Notes Everyone in your Network can read and comment on your Notes.   Books Collaborate with colleagues on books, essays, white papers or any lengthy document. Share ideas, solicit feedback and create documents that truly add value to your organization.  

Can the Idea behind a Product be More Valuable than the Product?

In this era of intense competition, innovation plays a key role in any organization's growth and success. When a company innovates, it actually invents two things: the product itself and the set of ideas behind it. New products consist of new ideas, and product value actually resides in these ideas. Unfortunately, most companies fail to exploit their own innovations.

What makes innovators different?

Some entrepreneurs think that innovation skills are not innate – that an innovator is made and not just born with an “innovation” gene. Meanwhile, others believe that an innovator is born as such, with a recessive gene that only a select few possess. Why can’t we have both? In the end, you are simply an [...]

New in Zillable Enterprise – May 8, 2015

The following features are now available in Zillable Enterprise: 1. Skip option when logging in to an Admin account This allows users to log in either as a normal user or as an Enterprise Admin. 2. IdeaSpace status Enterprise Admins can now change the status of IdeaSpaces to any one of the following: Active - Users can [...]

ZillableApp.com Goes Live

Zillable™, a global idea-sharing platform and the world’s first smart network, teases the upcoming release of its mobile app through the launch of ZillableApp.com. Prepare to ideate anytime, anywhere. Forget disappearing and vintage photos; the Zillable App allows users to take a photo and start an idea from their mobile devices, and introduces new features [...]

New in Zillable Enterprise – April 10, 2015

The  following features are now available in Zillable Enterprise:   Custom login page and subdomain access Zillable Enterprise clients can now access their system through their own Zillable subdomain (e.g., http://zillable.zillable.com). The enterprise code in the subdomain is managed and updated by the Enterprise administrator. Toggle public data Enterprises now have the toggle option to [...]

PatentZilla is now Zillable

April 15, 2015 – PatentZilla, an innovation and idea networking platform, has evolved into Zillable. First conceived in 2010, the world’s first intelligent social network has undergone significant transformation in the past year, hence the rebranding decision. “Our new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our final platform stands for: [...]

Introducing your NEW Zillable Profile

You might have noticed a few changes in your Zillable Profile. This is because we recently released a Profile page update that lets you do more with your Zillable account. We’ve added a couple of new features to allow you more options and higher flexibility in creating a profile that best represents you as an [...]

Share your ideas to focused communities through IdeaSpace

“Chance favors the connected mind,” quips media theorist Steven Johnson. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if you could easily find the right people to connect and collaborate with? Zillable connects you to a global network of innovators and collaborators, but let’s face it, some ideas only cater to a certain group of people. This is [...]

Stay organized and inspired with My Wall

Hoarding notebooks and notepads? We’ve all been guilty of that. When your mind is packed with ideas, you need a safe and accessible space to stow them away in, but sometimes even a notebook isn’t enough. Sometimes you need an entire wall to keep track of all your ideas and thoughts. Now imagine a social [...]

Build a name as an innovator through your Zillable Profile

Ever wonder how most innovative brands and products gained public trust? It’s because they gave their consumers names and faces they can trust. But more importantly, it’s because of the thousands of other innovators – engineers, designers, business professionals, scientists – that are behind the prominent names. Give your ideas a name and a face [...]

Z-GEN: The Babies of Innovation

Ideas are powerful. From the morse code to digital wireless sharing, technology has evolved exponentially, all from an idea.The internet is born from an idea. Your mobile phone is born from an idea. So is your computer, your car, the buildings you see and the roads you walk on. Ask a stranger walking down the [...]

Sun Burst Your Ideas with Zillable’s IdeaMap ™

Have you ever experienced having many ideas that don’t know where to start? Well, take a pen and a paper and write it down. Viola! you have a rough mind map. A mind map is a visual mnemonic tool to help you expand and develop your ideas. A mind map is essential so that your [...]

Jump-Start  your Ideas with the New Zillable

Collaboration, Idea Sharing and Networking. These are the things Zillable provides as leverage for creative and innovative minds like yours. As a part of the expansion for global beta release, Zillable unveils it’s new home page, featuring a news/activity feed with more, relevant items that you care about. The homepage is enhanced for a smarter, [...]

On Monday March 16, 2015, the Zillable servers will be on maintenance to deploy a new landing page and other upgrades. The necessary downtime for this purpose will start at 10 PM PDT Sunday and take at least a couple of hours. During this time you will not be able to reach or use Zillable [...]

Idea Nooky: How Exchange Fosters Innovation

Do you know how a computer mouse was invented? It’s funny how this small device can lead you to discover millions of possibilities on the Internet. You can look it up on Google, you can ask hardware engineers, you can even ask a CEO of a computer manufacturing company and yet, if you ask someone [...]

Embracing Innovation for Success

Nowadays, we often hear about successful stories like that of Steve Jobs’s and Mark ZuckerBerg’s. They’ve managed to turn a garage idea into an empire and turn their stories into legacies. Time and technological advancements revealed the power of turning passion into profit, all the easier.  The evolution of Internet gave birth to what we [...]

Breeding Bright Ideas

Times have changed and will continue to change. Machines, people, businesses, economies - everything around us are moving fast. This unnerving development in such a short time span can’t stop people from looking ways how to secure their future. People make plans and even plans to make plans. It’s frightening, it’s exhausting and it’s suffocating. [...]

Boosting Your Company Culture: Speeding Up and Taking Action

If there is just one thing you can change to make a huge impact on company culture, it is speed. Let’s be blunt - stop being slow. Speed up.     This is not just about physical speed. Pause and think now. Take some time to evaluate how you have conducted yourself and your executive [...]

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How Social Media is Shaping Modern-day Innovators

For years, innovative ideas remain to be “just ideas” unless you patent it. As a result, innovators kept their mum about whatever mind-blowing ideas they have until they rush to the US Patent Office. Idea generators then had to be secretive about their innovation to protect their ideas. This patent-war for inventors and idea-generators went [...]

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What Consumers Teach Big Enterprises About Open Innovation

Large organizations invest heavily in Research and Development (R&D) that focuses on markets that are low risk - widely accepted and with a high probability of profitability. Traditional R&D, however, must be reconsidered in view of the number of disruptive technologies and methodologies that have emerged over the past decade. Especially pertinent is the trend [...]

How To Not Let Your Ideas Float Away

You have a good idea and an interesting concept… No wait, you THINK they are great because your friends and colleagues, even your parents (and siblings) said so. You’ve posted it on your social network account and shared it to people, and it received plenty of likes! Indeed, nothing can be more exhilarating than receiving [...]

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