A Monument to Team Collaboration, Forged in Steel

Team Collaboration: A Historical Case Study To help you understand the profound impact that teamwork has on innovation, one only needs to look at a key idea in the modern world: the idea of steel. Steel isn’t a mere metal. In fact, you cannot mine steel or find it occurring naturally. Instead, steel is rooted in an idea: the concept of amalgamating iron with other elements to make it stronger. The invention of steel as we know it today has reshaped our world. Steel reinforces the concrete in our bridges and buildings. In creates the mighty gears of our industrial [...]

By |July 21st, 2017|

The Secret to Creative Workplaces? Curiosity.

When we think about what makes a project successful, we often think of team members who are productive, hard-working, and great at group collaboration. But how often do we consider curiosity? Recent studies show that to create productive, creative workplaces, it’s time to start recruiting curious team members. Curiosity Piques Your Productivity Curiosity helps team members stay more engaged in their work, according to a recent study published in a neuroscience journal. How does curiosity help us? According to the study, it’s all about mind over matter. When we become curious, our brain chemistry changes to help us learn and [...]

By |July 20th, 2017|

10 Reasons Business Leaders Fear Innovation

Innovation is a key driver of growth and success. An organization that nurtures a culture of innovation is one on the path to growth. On the other hand, an organization that fails to innovate is on the path to obsolescence. Look at Blockbuster, Xerox, Borders… the list goes on and on. So, given the importance of innovation, why do some business leaders fear it? Why can’t they embrace change? Here are a 10 of the top reasons those at the top can be so afraid to innovate: 1)     Financial security Driving innovation is often seen as costly and unnecessary. They [...]

By |July 19th, 2017|

How to Recruit Innovators in the Collaboration Age

Collaboration is rapidly changing the way we work. In fact, in 2017, collaboration is the way we work. Is your company prepared to keep up? A New Way of Working As a generation raised on social media enters the work force, companies are starting to notice a shift in the way employees work. The concept of work is no longer about only what an individual can do. Instead, work is about the opportunities an individual can create and the connections they can make. These new employees are used to sharing information widely and quickly connecting with others. And they aren't shy about reaching out to ask for help [...]

By |July 18th, 2017|

How Zillable Helps Your Business With Idea Generation And Why That’s So Important [Presentation]

In this presentation, you’ll find out more about the keystones of idea generation. So often we hear that we need to “think outside the box”. But what does that really mean? The “box” refers to the boundary within one’s minds which sets apart what is known and what is unknown; the sort of confinement molded by years of direct and indirect experience with everything surrounding us. At Zillable, we believe you need to have a free, almost child-like approach to ideas and creativity. Share ideas freely, leave no stone unturned and the worth of ideas is easily apparent. That’s why [...]

By |July 17th, 2017|

Make Your Hours Online More Productive

Does the internet really make us more productive? Have you ever counted the number of hours you spend online or on your social media apps? If you're like me, you cringe when you consider the number of hours of unproductive time you spend browsing through timelines, liking photos, and retweeting celebrities. The Productivity Trap Regardless of your age or occupation, it's become an epidemic: we spend a lot of time online, but most of that time just isn't productive. The average American spends half their day using a screen, and almost 20% of that time is devoted to social media. Technology is meant [...]

By |July 14th, 2017|

Release Notes 7/12/2017 – Getting Your Network Members Up to Speed

Having effective onboarding tools can accelerate the process of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating new members of your private network to ensure long-term success.  The faster your team members learn, the sooner they can lend their expertise in driving productivity, accelerating results, and developing new innovations.  With this release, Zillable is reaffirming its commitment to making sure that your network has all the right tools to quickly produce the next generation of innovators. Pods You will now have immediate suggestions about activities that you can engage in when you first log into a private network.  Redesigned welcome pods on your newsfeed will guide [...]

By |July 13th, 2017|

Enterprise Collaboration System in the Modern Era of Technology

Every organization aims to establish successful projects to sustain its essence. There are companies which have been there for years, even decades, but have we ever wondered how each of these still manages to stay intact? The advancement of technology could be one of the major factors that affects their way of project management and enterprise collaboration. Over the years, the standards of collaborating to refine an organization’s project have been uplifted. Of course, we may have seen on small and big screens how management held their brainstorming activities through meetings, conferences, and other ways. It could involve long hours [...]

By |July 12th, 2017|

Project Management Web Application for the 21st Century

How do you transform ideas into outcomes? As any innovator knows, coming up with a good idea is just the beginning. Next, you have to make your idea a reality through careful project management and team collaboration. But coordinating a team and growing that great idea is often easier said than done. Assemble Your Team of Innovators and Doers First, find the right people. Remember to think outside the box—sometimes, the right person for the job might not be at your company or on your usual team. Put out a call for like-minded thinkers and doers. It's also important to [...]

By |July 11th, 2017|

Someone Stole Your Idea! Now What?

Have you ever heard the latest tech innovation from Silicon Valley and thought, Hey, I had that idea first! Or worse: your company is about to roll out its newest advancement when a competitor suddenly announces the same initiative. How can that be possible? It's like they read your mind, or got insider information. What should you do when someone steals your great idea? Call your lawyer? Follow a paper trail to figure out who leaked your idea? Threaten to sue? Before you do anything hasty, keep reading--it might not be quite the crime you imagine. Step One: Realize It Wasn't Your Idea The hardest [...]

By |July 10th, 2017|

Why Customer Engagement is Critical to Success

Customer engagement is critical to your company's success. When a company is first starting out, they initially attract only day-to-day, average customers. These customers use the company's products or services, but only when they need to get something done. As the company grows and gains name recognition, though, it starts to attracted engaged customers. These consumers don't just interact when it's necessary. They spend time on the website or app. On social media, they post about the company and leave positive reviews. When they talk to their friends, they recommend the products. Why? Because they enjoy interacting with the business. Customer engagement is the key [...]

By |July 7th, 2017|

Picture Your Enterprise Collaboration Network On Top. Read This And Make It So

Companies and organizations need innovative ways to improve team communication. Why? It leads to faster and high quality work and, in turn, results in increased productivity. The rise of social networking has opened new doors to improving internal collaboration. Social technology has evolved and changed the way consumers interact. Now, enterprises can naturally harness that communication style, familiarized by companies like Facebook and Twitter,  toward better team communication and collaboration within the enterprise that works for the corporate world. So what’s the solution? Use a social tool/collaboration platform like Zillable. To find out more about Zillable, check out our presentation [...]

By |July 6th, 2017|

FinancesOnline confers two collaboration software awards to Zillable

  Zillable’s catchphrase “Make Work and Innovation Happen” has caught on with industry experts! We’re talking about trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com which recently went over our collaboration software and found it up to task, giving it a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of 100%. Reviewers highlighted how Zillable is able to get team members on the same page, simplify individual and collective tasks, and finish projects with speed and ease. They noted how our platform keeps everyone working on a project connected through powerful communication tools and at the same time expediting processes [...]

By |July 5th, 2017|

Space – The Basics

Spaces are the backbone of your network.  Almost all created content is organized to one or more Spaces.  Spaces help to keep the conversion focused on a common purpose or goal.  You can create three different types of Spaces on your network: Network-wide Space:  These are Spaces that are visible to everyone on your network.  Network members are free to join any Space designated as Network-wide.  These Spaces are listed on Discover. Private Space:  These Spaces and the content within is only visible to you or any network member that you invite to this Space.  This Space is not listed [...]

By |July 4th, 2017|

Act as One with Zillable and Make Work and Innovation Happen [Infographic]

Teamwork is an activity that we must not avoid in the workplace. This infographic will show you the benefits of working in teams for both you personally and for your organization with Zillable. Not only is it a great opportunity for innovation management, enterprise collaboration, and professional development, it is also a means of making your work easier. View the infographic so you'd learn why teamwork is important in the workplace, and the benefits it can have for your team. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to Zillable.com with this graphic.</strong></p><br /> <p><a href='http://blog.zillable.com/why-traditional-project-management-does-not-work-infographic'><img src='https://image.slidesharecdn.com/act-as-one-with-zillable-make-work-and-innovation-happen-170703090702/95/act-as-one-with-zillable-and-make-work-and-innovation-happen-1-638.jpg?cb=1499072881' [...]

By |July 3rd, 2017|

Why Traditional Project Management Does Not Work (Infographic)

We here at Zillable know how important project management can be: a company’s success or failure can hinge on the success of their project management techniques - or lack thereof. To put it simply, Zillable views project management as an integral part of a functioning corporate culture. But that’s not where it ends. Not all project management is created equal! Below is an infographic about why traditional project management does not work so you know what to avoid: Share this infographic with your team members or colleagues (or your manager… cough** cough**) on social media channels, or post [...]

By |June 30th, 2017|

Before You Set Up a Customer Community, Read This

Customer communities are powerful ways to engage with your users. Increasingly, companies are using technology to create spaces where customers can get together to talk about products and provide feedback on new ideas. Zillable's online collaboration tools make it easy for your company to give customers a seat at the table and let them know that their voices are heard. But before you set up a customer community, it's important to make sure your company is prepared to manage and respond to their needs. Does the Customer Community Have Clear Goals? Before you get started, it's important to talk about what you [...]

By |June 30th, 2017|

Zillable: The Best All-in-One Idea Collaboration Platform in the Market Today

Zillable™ is the world’s first team collaboration network for innovation-on-demand, where teams can make work and innovation happen. As a secured communication and collaboration hub, Zillable provides teams with an intelligent network that bridges minds and workflows. With Zillable, you can chat, get stuff done and remember everything. For more information, please visit Zillable.com. Zillable: The Best All-in-One Idea Collaboration Platform in the Market Today Ever had a lightning bolt moment - only to forget the bright idea altogether? Sure you have, everyone has! Ideas come and go within a blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important to capture [...]

By |June 29th, 2017|

3 Reasons to Start Crowdsourcing Now

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the power of crowds to spread great ideas. Sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter are offering spaces for people to fundraise for everything from startup wine bars to flying cars to potato salads. Technology has made it easier than ever to get widespread crowd support to make your ideas happen, and people are excited to see the ideas that are out there. But what if you're still in the idea-making stage? What if you need some help getting started? Is there a way to leverage those crowds to help you iron out the wrinkles in your latest [...]

By |June 29th, 2017|

Zillable an Essential Tool for Effective and Efficient Management of Patent Creation

This presentation serves as a guide for anyone interested in intellectual property and patent creation. Find out more about how Zillable can be an essential tool for your inventive, innovative teams and help you create a “patent factory”. Interested in Zillable’s unified innovation-on-demand and intellectual property creation and protection solution? Try Zillable today and start inventing.  

By |June 29th, 2017|

The New Social Media is Based on Ideas

Social media isn't about ideas anymore. For example, the other day, my twelve year old nephew told me that nobody uses Facebook now. “What?” I said. “I talk to people on Facebook all the time.” He wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, like my mom.” I asked him what he and his friends use instead, and he said Instagram. That’s not surprising—Instagram has been on the rise ever since smartphones and high-quality cameras became readily available. What did surprise me, though, is the realization that social media today revolves around images, not ideas.   Social media today revolves around images, not ideas. Instagram [...]

By |June 28th, 2017|

How Collaboration Sparks Innovation

We've all seen the picture before: a brilliant inventor sits alone at his desk at two in the morning, brow furrowed, furiously scribbling away in a notebook or typing at his computer. Geniuses,  we are told, work alone. Their ideas are so advanced that other people only slow them down. Other people don't understand their creative mind. Inventions happen in empty rooms with closed doors. It's not hard to believe this cliche. After all, it's reinforced everywhere we go. Many companies eschew open floor plans for private offices. We shut out the world with headphones, noise machines, and makeshift privacy screens. [...]

By |June 27th, 2017|

Why You Should Seek Ideas from Non-Experts

When I'm having a problem at work and need ideas, I go straight to my friend Diane's office. Diane's an expert and has been in the field for years, so she knows what works and what doesn't. Diane can always help get me thinking again. Asking the experts has long been the go-to solution when we need help with a tricky problem. It makes sense--experts have the experience and knowledge to get us on the right track, so when we're stuck, we naturally turn to them first for ideas. But what if there's a better way? What if I told you that [...]

By |June 27th, 2017|

Release Notes 6/26/2017 Improving on Workflow

Creating custom workflows is central to managing all the content on your private network.  Improving the flow of content with a customized flow that makes sense to your private network ensures that your network runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.  With this release, Zillable has taken customized workflow to the next level.  Introducing Board Map. Board Map Board Map allows you to visualize how Boards on your network are connected.  Nodes on the Board Map can represent Boards or people and Edges (connecting lines) represent Linkbots.  Simply by observing the behavior of the Edges on the Board Map,  you [...]

By |June 26th, 2017|

Sick of Your Day Job? It’s Time to Get Creative

Is your day job wearing you down? Do you feel like it's hard to stay creative? You're not alone--many 9-5ers are feeling that late-spring itch, too. As summer and nice weather roll around, it gets harder and harder to spend time inside working at a job you don't love, especially when your creative life is suffering as a result. To counteract that, many millenials have turned to full-time freelancing. Imagine spending your work day following your imagination, being your own boss, and taking your projects in the direction you want. It's tempting, right? Creative work should be about ideas, not red tape. But freelancing is hard, [...]

By |June 25th, 2017|
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