Announcing the Launch of our Website Redesign

We're excited to announce the launch of Zillable's redesigned website! Our goal in launching our newly designed website is to provide both loyal fans as well as new users to Zillable a more user-friendly browsing experience. We've revamped the site from the bottom up - shaving off extraneous text and images so that our core message, features, and benefits are loud and clear. Let's roll the video so you can see what we've been up to! Homepage Automation (Workflow Studio Coming Soon!)     Team Suite (a.k.a Three Pillars of Teamwork)     What [...]

By |December 4th, 2018|

What’s New in Zillable? New tools for Boards and Docs

What's New in Zillable? Release Notes for November 15th We've added new tools to Collaborative Doc and Flexible Board to accelerate team communication and workplace automation. Collaborative Doc - Two New Updates to make your Docs more Descriptive Go beyond words when co-authoring a document with some of Zillable's recent additions to Collaborative Doc. Diagram: Create and add simple vector graphics, flowcharts, and mockups directly to the Doc with our new Diagram tool. To insert a Diagram into your Doc, click on the icon in Doc and navigate to "Diagram" in the menu.  Drag-and-drop shapes, lines, and more directly into [...]

By |November 15th, 2018|

The 7 Enduring Laws of Innovation

Heed these 7 Laws on Innovation or Suffer the Consequences!

By |October 8th, 2018|

Zillable 2018 Pricing & Features

We're excited to announce a significant change to Zillable pricing that will go into effect immediately. Previously, Zillable offered three paid plans: Collaboration, Innovation, and Enterprise.  In the transformative age, innovation should be part of your culture. Therefore, we've combined the Innovation and Enterprise plans as the Premium plan, at a lower rate per user to allow everyone to access our biggest plan ever. Given this change, we'll prorate the remaining balance on the previous Enterprise plan and hold it for your team as a credit. You can use that credit toward a reactivation of your paid subscription in the future. The new [...]

By |July 5th, 2018|

Best Team Collaboration Software in 2018

Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success. It has been decades and email continues to be the primary vehicle for business communication, not even instant messaging could shift it from its perch. But the rise of mobile devices and applications has seen demand for an evolution. This new platform integration means a game changer in the world of marketing collaboration. They let you communicate and work on tasks with your co-workers in real-time, regardless of where you happen to be. You don’t even have to own a business – perhaps you’re a freelancer. But which tools should you use?   [...]

By |June 24th, 2018|

Reasons Why Innovation Is Your Incredible Superpower

What’s up with society’s obsession with the superhero genre? It seems like everywhere you turn these days, pop culture is bombarding you with superheroes. Superhero movies are dominating the box office every other weekend, shows about them are taking over cable and network TV, and it’s no accident. People are passionate about superhero stories! This, despite the fantastical storylines and out-of-this-world character traits. Why is it that regular people find these godlike characters so relatable? Well, maybe we’re so collectively obsessed with superheroes because we see ourselves in them. Like superheroes, each of us endures struggles that challenge our conscience, [...]

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Zillable’s Group Video Call Feature

Video Call Feature: Enhance Communication and Productivity Collaborate on an online document or manage a project with boards during a video call, simultaneously and in real-time.   What is a video call? A Video Call feature is a one-to-many, live, video conversation over your private network.  Video collaboration can include members of your private network as well as guests outside your private network with a link to your Call Room.   The ability to simultaneously and in real-time collaborate on an online document or manage a project with boards during a video call without the need for screen-sharing - through screen-sharing is also available.   Further, [...]

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Driving Innovation through Collaboration: Zillable as Featured on CIO Applications

See Full Magazine Link Here Zillable provides a secure collaboration and innovation platform that empowers teams to collaborate, communicate, manage, create, engage, and interact across devices - without having to switch tabs or apps. In an interview with CIO Applications, Andy Pham, CEO of Zillable, talks about collaboration driving innovation in business. It was his belief in collaboration that inspired him to build this innovative platform to help organizations stay connected and streamline their process. What was the idea led to the inception of Zillable? Zillable started as a platform for patent attorneys going through the patent process. It was created [...]

By |April 6th, 2018|

What is App Fatigue and How Does It Affect Your Bottom Line

With the advancement of technology and the growing popularity of apps, it can't be denied that the market is saturated with millions of apps - over 2 million in the App Store and nearly 3 million in Google Play. When even the stores are experiencing app fatigue, you know we've got challenges. Yep, "there's an app for that" has never been more true - or annoying - yet how do you find the productivity tool you're looking for through the noise? This is a question many businesses are asking themselves. So what is App Fatigue? How can we address app [...]

By |April 4th, 2018|

Introducing: Zillable’s Direct Messaging

"Stay connected, reduce email correspondence, and build a more agile team with real-time chat channel for all your work spaces, projects, topics, and teams." Have you always dreaded opening all the apps you need every time you turn your computer on and start to work? Zillable's new feature - Direct Messages - eliminates one of those apps by integrating it fully to a single collaboration platform that already contains all the apps you require. Protect confidential work with private space channels and work with confidence. Transparent Team Messaging Zillable is already powerful with its infinitely flexible boards that offer analytics [...]

By |March 15th, 2018|

Release Notes 3/05/2018 – Private Content Overhall

Content Privacy on Boards Previously, access to content that you published on your network is determined by the Spaces that you publish the content to.  If no Spaces are selected, then the content remains private to you.  This concept was carried over with the introduction of Boards.  Some networks have expressed frustration with content posted to a private Space but later added to a Board -private or network-wide.  Since the access level was controlled by the Space, users of the Board could not see the content unless they were also members of that private Space or the content was shared to [...]

By |March 5th, 2018|

Feature Release: Direct Messages

Direct messages (DMs) are private conversations similar to a Space's Channel specifically designed for quick exchanges between members within your network. With Direct Messages you can open a private conversation between: any Guest, Restricted, or Full Network Member personal or network defined groups on-the-fly created groups What's allowed in Direct Messages: use of @Mentions add References attach files emojis Direct Messages is not available between networks (Multi-Network Spaces). How do I start using Direct messaging? When logged into your private network, Direct Messages are always available at the bottom right corner.  The DMs pop-up displays all members of your private network including [...]

By |February 13th, 2018|

Feature Upgrade – Notebook

Struggling to remember where you posted that last Idea?  Want to keep tabs on the content and people that you follow or the files and updates that you post?  Zillable has upgraded your Notebook to provide a lot of functionality within a fun, intuitive, and minimalist interface designed to increase productivity.  Let's have a look see. Have it your way - Content With a new simplified menu, we're putting the freedom of content organization back in your hands.  Content now consists of Books, Bookmarks, and Content (Ideas, Publications, zDocs, Polls) etc.  The right combination of the three is up to you. Books [...]

By |February 2nd, 2018|

The Startup Removing Information Silos & Apps to Increase Productivity

Wanna hear more about Zillable?  Listen to Zillable's very own Emily Duncan give a great interview in The Tech Blog Writer recent podcast.  Follow the link for the full story. http://techblogwriter.co.uk/zillable/

By |January 31st, 2018|

Is Word Processing As We Know It Over? This Startup Says Yes

Zillable introduces templates for online document collaboration MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, January 16, 2017 - Zillable today announced the release of a new feature: document templates for zDoc, the platform’s online document collaboration tool. A handful of pre-built templates are now available to demonstrate the feature, but users can also create personal or team templates.  Zillable brings all your work together in one place. With document collaboration, we let you focus on what matters most - your work and communicating well with your team. zDoc templates make work and knowledge-sharing easier than ever. With zDoc templates, the user will never again need to go searching for an old [...]

By |January 16th, 2018|

Release Notes – Dominate Document Deliveries

Today's release is about empowering your network to dominate document deliveries with zDoc templates.  zDoc templates, pre-loaded or user-created, featuring removable instructions, can be easily made available to everyone on any team big or small – or only to the people who need it.  Here's the skinny. What is a zDoc template? zDoc templates allow you reuse the same structure and styles in numerous documents.  Each template, though varying in format and style, is essentially a pre-constructed document in which users can input their own information instead of having to repeatedly design the page themselves.  With templates, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to [...]

By |January 16th, 2018|

5 Top-Notch Strategies For Creating An Effective Collaboration Plan

As any kids’ show or team-based action movie will tell you (think The Avengers, The Expendables, Ocean’s Eleven and all Ocean’s other numbers), teamwork is the best way to get things done and defeat the evil fill-in-the-blank. In a basic sense, the same rule applies to organizations. A well thought out collaboration plan brings success to every facet of your business. When ESI International surveyed close to 900 government and industry professionals across Canada, 65.5% of participants believed that their performance would improve if they worked more collaboratively. The same survey showed that only 27.8% of teams surveyed were truly [...]

By |December 21st, 2017|

7 Tricks To Drive Innovation That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Innovation. We hear this word thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? Innovation is revolution. It’s upheaval. It’s not just changing the way we do things, but how we think about them. But innovation isn’t just about coming up with those new ideas - it’s about seeing them through to completion, seeing them realized. There’s no downplaying the importance of innovation in this modern age. The world seems to be spinning faster with each passing year. An innovative mind and innovation-positive working environment are some of the most valuable assets that one can have in any profession [...]

By |December 21st, 2017|

The End of the Work Email? Zillable Makes Inter-Company Collaboration Easy with Multi-Network Workspaces

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zillable today announced the release of a new feature that’s set to give the work email a run for its money. The all-in-one collaboration platform has added multi-network workspaces to connect separate organizations, creating a common space where two or more companies can communicate and make full use of the native collaboration and innovation features on Zillable. A powerful, customizable enterprise collaboration platform, Zillable is making it easy to communicate, work together, and share documents between companies and teams of any size safely and securely - and without the endless email chains. Zillable's multi-network spaces bring partners, vendors, [...]

By |December 12th, 2017|

Zillable Airing on AMC’s Newswatch

Zillable just went live on AMC's Newswatch!  Check out the video. https://vimeo.com/245402493 Click here to see the full article.

By |December 12th, 2017|

Feature Release – Multi-Network Space

Zillable introduces Multi-Network Spaces to its feature list.  A Multi-Network Space is a Space that serves as a bridge between Networks where users belong to and interact from different private networks on a shared Channel.   Multi-network spaces work just like any other Space in Zillable, giving teams a place to chat with feature-rich Channels, manage projects with lean Kanban-style boards, share and collaborate in real time on documents, and much more.    Here's how it works: A Network Administrator from any private network creates a Space or designates an existing Space as a Multi-Network Space. Additional private networks are invited [...]

By |December 11th, 2017|

Bots to the Rescue! Zillable Adds Smart Bots So Teams Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

Groundbreaking collaboration platform Zillable announced today the release of new smart bots, created for connecting processes and workflows. These smart bots are deployed in Zillable Boards - a project management tool that enables teams of all types and sizes to apply lean management principles to their work. Using lists and cards, users understand what’s being worked on by who and where it is in queue in one glance. "When your whole team can see a clear illustration of their entire workflow, not just lists and cards but interconnecting boards, it becomes easy to recognize what you could be doing better," [...]

By |November 16th, 2017|

Watch Out, Productivity Apps! Disruptor Zillable Launches World’s Most Comprehensive Collaboration Platform

Zillable announced the launch of the world's biggest collaboration solution on October 26, 2017.   Zillable brings together a host of popular and familiar apps on one platform, with an entire work suite of productivity apps and native features like chat, notes, tasks, Kanban boards, document collaboration and more. Zillable aims to eliminate the need to switch between apps and webpages looking for communication and information, placing it all on a single Zillable network. "Many companies have deployed any number of tools to encourage collaboration, including enterprise social networks and chat communication tools like Hipchat and Facebook Workplace," says Andy Pham, Founder [...]

By |November 14th, 2017|

Market Disruptor Zillable Introduces Online Collaboration Tool zDoc

Zillable today announced the release of zDoc, an online document collaboration tool in the vein of Google Docs, into the forefront of the Zillable platform. Zillable aims to disrupt the enterprise collaboration and communication space, competing with darlings like Slack and Trello and now taking on even Google, Dropbox and Salesforce in document collaboration. Said founder and CEO Andy Pham, "Did you know that stale word processing is a septuagenarian? Word processing started in the 1950s! So, we decided to innovate here," he continued, "and created a new way for people to work together dynamically with the release of zDoc." Zillable looks [...]

By |November 14th, 2017|
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