Boost Your Team’s Collaborative Project Management

Collaborative project management is a revolutionary new way to think about work. Traditionally, we think of project managers as master planners and delegaters. They're busy, organized, and have great people skills. But even with a great project manager, a team can still fall behind if individual members don't know how to work effectively. The best project managers know that a successful team must meet three project management goals: Collaboration between team members, which fosters innovative ideas and keeps everyone motivated. Effective top-down and bottom-up communication, so everyone can stay in the loop when the team meets a goal or makes a change. [...]

By |August 15th, 2017|

The Four Most Important Ways to Improve Team Bonding

Team bonding doesn't always have to involve a ropes course or putting your employees into extreme situations. Although employee retreats and specialized skills courses have become popular methods to increase team cohesion, those elaborate methods aren't the only way. The truth is, employees who feel connected to their managers have more confidence in the company and are far less likely to think about leaving. So, the most important aspect of team bonding is building a strong, trusting employer-employee relationship. Here's how to start building a relationship with your team (no ropes course required): 1. Communicate freely Open communication makes for [...]

By |August 14th, 2017|

7 Creative Techniques For Ideation – SCAMPER

When it comes to basic brainstorming and ideation for businesses and entrepreneurs, creativity is always going to play a major driving force. It can be incredibly hard to manage creativity in such a cluttered world where original thoughts are difficult to come by. However, with the right mindset and work ethic, a creative individual will always be able to find effective and efficient solutions to common problems. A lot of people are falsely led to believe that creativity is brought about sporadically. No. There is nothing random about being creative with your ideas. There is a very systematic and structured [...]

By |August 7th, 2017|

Zillable for Information Technology Teams [Presentation]

  Most of the information technology organizations operating at a substantial level usually face hurdles in streamlining their project's workflow. Some teams are maybe wondering why should they even have a systematic communication channel when they are generating revenue in the way that they are already operating at. If you run such and share similar thoughts, then this presentation is for you mate. You've probably heard about Zillable. Zillable™ is the world’s first team collaboration network for innovation-on-demand. We’re where teams can make work and innovation happen. As a secured communication and collaboration hub, Zillable provides teams with [...]

By |August 4th, 2017|

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Team Management

Team management is a popular topic in the business world. There are hundreds of self-improvement books and seminars on being a good leader, managing people, and effectively steering a team. Luckily, you don't always need to enroll in an expensive class or buy a product to help you become a better manager. These simple reminders will help you focus on your team's goals and reconnect with your team. Leaders Need a Vision The Problem:  Before you can lead a team, you need to know where you want to go. It sounds simple, but managers often forget that they're not just managing people: [...]

By |August 3rd, 2017|

Never Underestimate The Impact Of Innovation Management

Innovation management can take your great ideas from prototype to innovation. But to manage the process of innovation, you need a firm strategy that unites processes, people, and technology. Innovation is the way to success. But achieving an innovative idea requires far more than filling a room with creative minds and letting them get to work. Once those great thinkers have come up with a plausible idea, the real work begins: moving from prototype to innovation. By nature, the process of innovation is also a process of change. The changes might involve your products or services, but they can just as [...]

By |August 2nd, 2017|

Three Quick Tips to Boost Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is becoming harder to achieve. With new technology, remote offices, and rapidly-expanding businesses, it's more difficult than ever to stay connected. A truly collaborative team is supportive and highly communicative. Its members know one another well and believe that the success of the group depends on their willingness to work together. If you're having trouble achieving true collaboration, try these four tips to give your team a boost. 1. Make Time for Team Building Gamification introduces friendly competition into the workplace and provides external motivation for employees. Games are a great way to unify and strengthen a team. Many [...]

By |August 1st, 2017|

Five Ingenious Ways to Improve Team Task Management

Team task management can help your company streamline your decision-making process, meet deadlines, and work more efficiently. These five tips will help make sure your task management strategy is on track for success. 1. Chart a Clear Path Forward When everyone knows why their role matters, they stay motivated, allowing the whole group to be more productive. It's important to start out with clear objectives. But managers often forget to share these goals with the team. Define what success will look like, and explain it to your group. As you divide work and manage day-to-day milestones, your team will be able [...]

By |July 31st, 2017|

What Is Zillable and How Do I Use It For My Team?

Zillable is a great tool used to get teams to collaborate, to simplify tasks and to get work done easily, even while working in different locations. It’s an online platform where team leaders can easily communicate with team members and manage projects and. team members can communicate and share data with ease. Easy collaboration and communication allows for a streamlined workflow and encourages innovation. The Internet and social media have drastically changed our culture. Several social networking platforms have emerged that allow people to stay connected, even when they are thousands of miles apart, sharing their lives and experiences despite [...]

By |July 31st, 2017|

Zillable – Make Work and Innovation Happen [Presentation]

  Innovation is everybody's business. And to make yourself indispensable in today's competitive World, you should know how to make work and innovation happen. Making Innovation Happen can empower you to ignite and embed ideas to fundamentally improve your business. No wonder, companies are desperately in need of people with the abilities and skills to ideate and achieve unconventional results. Now is the time to strip away the myth that innovation is just a responsibility of the select few. Bear in mind that we are capable of innovating every single day - we just need to adopt that [...]

By |July 28th, 2017|

Three Project Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Project management is key to successful innovation. A good project manager can take a good idea and turn it into a powerful innovation. But a bad manager can send a good idea racing right off the cliff. Watch out for the three most common pitfalls in project management. 1. Trying to Do It All Project managers are go-getters by nature. They want to be in control, from the planning stages all the way through to completion. Normally, that's a good thing--it keeps the project on track and on deadline. But some projects are just too big for one person to manage. If [...]

By |July 27th, 2017|

Zillable for HR [Presentation]

  In the era of the "social enterprise collaboration," Zillable can make a big difference not only in HR efficiency but in employee satisfaction. It can help engage, train, and manage a diverse workforce by accelerating collaboration and innovation among teams, as well as the knowledge management of your company. It is designed to be the glue to your organization - connecting people and retaining top talent. Create A Happy Team Today: https://www.zillable.com

By |July 26th, 2017|

What Is The Optimal Global Patent Filing Strategy?

When a company looks at the competitive landscape, it looks at both the national and global marketing possibilities. However, most products do not need patent protection in every possible country, especially if the US market is the main focus. So, what is the optimal number of countries for a global patent filing strategy? This question might be simplified if the product does not need patent protection in every country or if patent filings are limited by budget to a few countries, or one region such as Europe or even to one country, such as the US, which happens to be [...]

By |July 26th, 2017|

Zillable For Research and Development Teams

  Zillable is a comprehensive suite of Agile collaboration and innovation tools. Solve your product challenges and accelerate innovation. Change the way you run your R&D projects: multiple collaborators, all-in-one collaboration platform, one conversation. It is a new generation of integrated, collaborative work management tools built on a world-class platform. Sign-up now: https://www.zillable.com Connect with Zillable: Facebook http://facebook.com/Zillable Twitter http://twitter.com/Zillable Linkedin http://linkedin.com/company/zillable

By |July 25th, 2017|

Zillable: Collaborative Work Management Tools that Make Project Management a Breeze

"Great ideas don’t become great inventions by themselves—they need a little push to get them moving in the right direction. For ideas to become reality, you need the right team of people. And your team needs the right plan to carry out the idea. Sometimes, your team also needs a little bit of guidance to help them stay on track.  So, how can you manage all these needs and create a successful project? Zillable’s online communication and collaboration tools can help you through every step of project planning and management. Find like-minded team members on public networks, create [...]

By |July 24th, 2017|

Why Experts Don’t Always Make the Best Team Members

When it comes to building a great team, it's not about the individuals any more. Managers used to believe that a strong group needed the best people. Now, good managers know that the sum is greater than its parts--it's about the team, not the individuals. In the digital age, everyone has access to a near-unlimited amount of information. All it takes is the swipe of a smartphone. As a result, success is no longer about being an expert in one field of knowledge. Instead, success is about working together to synthesize information. The evidence is everywhere. Studies show that today, most research is [...]

By |July 24th, 2017|

A Monument to Team Collaboration, Forged in Steel

Team Collaboration: An Historical Case Study To help you understand the profound impact that teamwork has on innovation, one only needs to look at a key idea in the modern world: the idea of steel. Steel isn’t a mere metal. In fact, you cannot mine steel or find it occurring naturally. Instead, steel is rooted in an idea: the concept of amalgamating iron with other elements to make it stronger. The invention of steel as we know it today has reshaped our world. Steel reinforces the concrete in our bridges and buildings. In creates the mighty gears of our industrial [...]

By |July 21st, 2017|

The Secret to Creative Workplaces? Curiosity.

When we think about what makes a project successful, we often think of team members who are productive, hard-working, and great at group collaboration. But how often do we consider curiosity? Recent studies show that to create productive, creative workplaces, it’s time to start recruiting curious team members. Curiosity Piques Your Productivity Curiosity helps team members stay more engaged in their work, according to a recent study published in a neuroscience journal. How does curiosity help us? According to the study, it’s all about mind over matter. When we become curious, our brain chemistry changes to help us learn and [...]

By |July 20th, 2017|

10 Reasons Business Leaders Fear Innovation

Innovation is a key driver of growth and success. An organization that nurtures a culture of innovation is one on the path to growth. On the other hand, an organization that fails to innovate is on the path to obsolescence. Look at Blockbuster, Xerox, Borders… the list goes on and on. So, given the importance of innovation, why do some business leaders fear it? Why can’t they embrace change? Here are a 10 of the top reasons those at the top can be so afraid to innovate: 1)     Financial security Driving innovation is often seen as costly and unnecessary. They [...]

By |July 19th, 2017|

How to Recruit Innovators in the Collaboration Age

Collaboration is rapidly changing the way we work. In fact, in 2017, collaboration is the way we work. Is your company prepared to keep up? A New Way of Working As a generation raised on social media enters the work force, companies are starting to notice a shift in the way employees work. The concept of work is no longer about only what an individual can do. Instead, work is about the opportunities an individual can create and the connections they can make. These new employees are used to sharing information widely and quickly connecting with others. And they aren't shy about reaching out to ask for help [...]

By |July 18th, 2017|

Zillable Ideas Generation Presentation

Think Outside the Box The “box” refers to the boundary within one’s minds which sets apart what is known and what is unknown; a sort of confinement which has been molded by years of direct and indirect experience with everything surrounding us. Are there bad ideas? Yes. But to truly identify both bad and good ideas, you need to have a free almost child-like approach to ideas and creativity. Share ideas freely, leave no stone unturned and the worth of ideas is easily apparent. Quantity vs. Quality Create an environment to let our creative juices flow without restrictions. [...]

By |July 17th, 2017|

Make Your Hours Online More Productive

Does the internet really make us more productive? Have you ever counted the number of hours you spend online or on your social media apps? If you're like me, you cringe when you consider the number of hours of unproductive time you spend browsing through timelines, liking photos, and retweeting celebrities. The Productivity Trap Regardless of your age or occupation, it's become an epidemic: we spend a lot of time online, but most of that time just isn't productive. The average American spends half their day using a screen, and almost 20% of that time is devoted to social media. Technology is meant [...]

By |July 14th, 2017|

Release Notes 7/12/2017 – Getting Your Network Members Up to Speed

Having effective onboarding tools can accelerate the process of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating new members of your private network to ensure long-term success.  The faster your team members learn, the sooner they can lend their expertise in driving productivity, accelerating results, and developing new innovations.  With this release, Zillable is reaffirming its commitment to making sure that your network has all the right tools to quickly produce the next generation of innovators. Pods You will now have immediate suggestions about activities that you can engage in when you first log into a private network.  Redesigned welcome pods on your newsfeed will guide [...]

By |July 13th, 2017|

Enterprise Collaboration System in the Modern Era of Technology

Every organization aims to establish successful projects to sustain its essence. There are companies which have been there for years, even decades, but have we ever wondered how each of these still manages to stay intact? The advancement of technology could be one of the major factors that affects their way of project management and enterprise collaboration. Over the years, the standards of collaborating to refine an organization’s project have been uplifted. Of course, we may have seen on small and big screens how management held their brainstorming activities through meetings, conferences, and other ways. It could involve long hours [...]

By |July 12th, 2017|

Project Management Web Application for the 21st Century

How do you transform ideas into outcomes? As any innovator knows, coming up with a good idea is just the beginning. Next, you have to make your idea a reality through careful project management and team collaboration. But coordinating a team and growing that great idea is often easier said than done. Assemble Your Team of Innovators and Doers First, find the right people. Remember to think outside the box—sometimes, the right person for the job might not be at your company or on your usual team. Put out a call for like-minded thinkers and doers. It's also important to [...]

By |July 11th, 2017|
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